Outfit of the Day: I Finally Got a Tulle Skirt!

A fancy blouse and a tulle skirt make a perfect work look.

J. Crew top • Tulle skirt c/o eShakti • Target pumps

And I am IN LOVE with it! Yes, perhaps I was the most dressed up person in the office that year month day, and yes, it was a particularly windy day to wear a giant skirt and I only barely avoided several Marilyn Monroe moments, but it was WORTH IT. Many of you will know I’ve been searching for a perfect tulle skirt for a while – and yes, you can make tulle work in the corporate world. I specifically chose black for that reason – I wanted a tulle skirt that would still look professional, but allow me to let my personality shine. While I still want an ivory tulle skirt, black works for more occasions. I can’t wait to dress this one up for a party!

Also, it has pockets. A tulle skirt with POCKETS, people.

Did I mention I was in love?

A fancy blouse and a tulle skirt make a perfect work look.

This skirt was compliments of eShakti, but my opinions about it remain 100% my own. You can get 10% off your purchase from eShakti – just use the coupon code ‘smtowes.’ This promotion is valid thru May 9, 2014.


outfit of the day: floral jeans again

A cozy sweater with floral jeans

A cozy sweater with floral jeans
Gap waffle-stitch sweater • Ann Taylor floral jeans • Target wedges • J. Crew necklace

Sorry for the rather longer-than-I-meant-it-to-be pause on the blog! I am back and ready for more spring outfits. What I am apparently not ready for is heels. I spent all winter avoiding heels (there’s just something about the extreme cold combined with the extra effort of wearing heels that I cannot get past in the morning), and when I popped these wedges on and started walking around in them, my lower back immediately began to hurt. I felt extremely ridiculous and spent the rest of the day alternatively hobbling and standing up as straight as possible. My bad posture is getting to me.

And I realize that sweater weather might maybe please be over soon, but if you’re still in the market for a cozy piece, I cannot recommend this sweater enough. I waited until it went on sale and got another one in dark gray. I love it. Cozy sweaters for the win.

A cozy sweater with floral jeans

Hair Tutorial: Barely-There Curls

When I’ve curled my hair lately, I’ve done more relaxed, barely-there curls. I love this look because it’s so easy and quick. Seriously, all you need is less than five minutes and a curling iron, and you have an easy hairstyle. Even better, I can usually get these curls to last two days with a little dry shampoo.

Hope you like this tutorial – let me know what you think!

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Inspired by the Ballet

 Pieces inspired by the balletModcloth Airport Greeting CardiganToo Faced The Secret to No Makeup MakeupJosie Maran Rosey Mist rose waterkate spade new york skinny mini rose gold bow earringsNARS lipstick in “Roman Holiday”J. Crew stretch suiting teeEssie nail polish in “fiji”Land’s End Medium zip top tote bagRepetto The Cendrillon ballet flatsJ. Crew sunburst skirt Alexis Bittar Miss Havisham rose gold pendant necklace

I have wanted to be a ballerina all my life.

I love everything about ballet – the shoes, the costumes (ESPECIALLY the tutus!), the graceful dance moves. I hate it that no studio in my hometown offers adult ballet lessons, because I am about five seconds away from buying shoes and a leotard right now. Random fact about me: I’m double-jointed in my ankles, so I’ve always had a really open turnout in second position, even if I don’t have the balance to go with it. :) This clearly means I’d make an amazing ballerina, no?

Since I will probably never be the dancer of my dreams, I can at least shop for pieces inspired by the ballet. Thought I realize most of this list were more inspired by ballet pink than the actual ballet. It’s all related to me.

Outfit of the Day: I Thought By Wearing a Flower Dress it Would Make Spring Happen

A summer floral dress works in the winter with a blazer and tights

A summer floral dress works in the winter with a blazer and tights
Talbots dress, blazer and belt • Target heels

It pained me to put on tights last week. We’ve had snippets of warm weather. My tulips and daffodils are peaking above the ground, and it’s supposed to snow tonight. The day after I wore this outfit, I was in capris with bare ankles. This week it’s going to be in the 30s. If spring in the Midwest doesn’t make you crazy, you can survive anything.

I may have to wear tights for another week, but at least I can wear cute dresses with them.

My face in these pictures are brought to you by the bright sun in my eyes.

A summer floral dress works in the winter with a blazer and tights

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Stitchfix Box #6

It’s Stitchfix time again! There’s nothing like getting home from a long day at work and having a box of surprise clothes picked out just for you waiting at the door. A quick word on Stitchfix: it’s a wonderful personal stylist service that’s all done online. Once you sign up, you’ll fill out a style survey and schedule a delivery. Your box will cost $20, but you can put that money toward any item you keep – and if you keep all five pieces Stitchfix sends you, you get 25% off everything! I received a bunch of bright colors and comfy pieces this time around – here’s what was in my Stitchfix box.

41Hawthorn Rowson Colorblock striped sweater, via Stitchfix

41Hawthorn Rowson colorblock striped sweater, $58 (returned)

Loved the neon yellow and navy, but the sweater was a teensy bit too big. Some horizontal stripes also make my assets extra asset-y, which was not what I was going for with this sweater.

Papermoon Norris Abstract Houndstooth Sleeveless Blouse, via Stitchfix

Papermoon Norris abstract houndstooth sleeveless blouse, $48 (returned)

I really, really wanted to like this blouse, especially since the pattern is so different – I don’t have anything like it! Sadly, it was way too flowy, and had a weird cut around the neckline.

Closeup of the pattern – which I still love. Sadness.

Papermoon Norris Abstract Houndstooth Sleeveless Blouse, via Stitchfix

Evolution by Cyrus Jazzy French Terry dress, via Stitchfix

Evolution by Cyrus Jazzy french terry mesh dress, $78 (returned)

I honestly hated everything about this dress, from the cut to the fabric to the colors (like them separately but not together).

Echo Calistoga dot print scarf, via Stitchfix

Echo Calistoga dot print scarf, $38 (returned)

I am such a sucker for anything pink, but I couldn’t justify almost $40 for a scarf. Still – that was a tough call that I will probably regret tomorrow.

Pomelo Corinna Striped Dolman top, via Stitchfix

Pomelo Corinna striped dolman top, $48 (kept!)

I have been all about drapey shirts that are a little longer this season, but strangely enough I don’t have a good dolman top! I envision wearing this with jeans on the weekend or adding a blazer and skinny black pants for work.

A drapey dolman top and skinny jeans make a cute weekend outfit.

Pomelo Corinna striped dolman top via StitchfixOld Navy sweetheart skinny jeans • J. Crew Cece shoes

Another successful fix! I can’t wait for my next Stitchfix package.

Please note that when you click on my link to Stitchfix, I may get a referral credit to use for a future order. I honestly do recommend Stitchfix to everyone to try, otherwise I wouldn’t be writing about it – thanks for your support!

Outfit of the Day: Loft Jacket Buddies

A Lou & Grey Loft jacket worn on Sarah and me

On me – Loft Lou & Grey herringbone sweatshirt jacket • J. Crew shirt and chinos • Nine West Outlet shoes

I know I talked last week about how AMAZING Loft’s Lou & Grey line is. My BBF (blogger best friend, natch) Sarah agreed, and we both ended up buying the same jacket, amongst other comfy pieces. I like how I’m admiring Sarah’s outfit in the photo above. Of course I am – she always looks cute! (I think I’m also envying her leather leggings.) This jacket is made of sweatshirt material but cut like a blazer – so it means it’s perfect for work. I think I’ll wear it next with a longer top underneath. Honestly, I love how comfy and cozy it is. (Plus it’s 40% off!)

Check out Sarah’s blog for her outfit details – and make sure you add her to your daily reading!

And finally – Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Erin go bragh!

Loft Lou & Grey sweatshirt jacket

Loft Lou & Grey sweatshirt jacket


outfit of the day: lou & grey

A comfy Loft tunic with black jeans

A cozy Loft tunic with black jeans

Loft Lou & Grey cowl neck tunic • Target black jeans • kate spade new york necklace • Target sunglasses • Sam Edelman Petty boots

I talked about this on my Facebook page, but it’s worth being reiterated: Loft’s Lou & Grey line is AMAZING. Comfy clothes that can be dressed up or down (most of which are 40% off) – I am in love. This tunic for instance is lightweight, perfect for changing seasons but still dressy enough for the office. I passed along this obsession to my BBF Sarah, who promptly joined me in buying half the site. I’m trying to resist buying more, because these clothes are seriously all I’ve been craving lately – comfy knits that are a little longer in length and work with statement necklaces as well as they do with jeans.

A cozy Loft tunic with black jeans

Sidenote: when your mom is your photographer, your conversation goes something like this:

“Holy sh–, it’s freezing!”
“Shut up!”
“I’m going to put that you said that on my blog!”

Good times.

ETA: my mom would like it stated on the record that I was the one cursing, and she was the one telling me to shut up. In my defense, it was freezing.

Day Off


I took the day off yesterday. I had been depressed about how crappy of a winter it’s been, and knew with temps in the low 60s and no meetings all day, I couldn’t pick a better day to stay home. I got my nails done, did a few minor chores around the house and finally washed my poor, dirty car. It was a lovely day.

Alas, the one miss was the outfit photos I tried to take. I need to do more casual looks on the blog, but all the photos were blurry. I HATE taking pics with a tripod. Seriously.

Annoying, but it happens. Rest assured you missed a great jeans and sweatshirt combo. But maybe it was for the best, since I’m also trying to talk about more than just outfits, it seemed the perfect opportunity to bring up another topic: taking care of ourselves. I’ve been trying to work on taking better care of myself – both physically, such as through eating better and going to BarreAmped, as well as emotionally. It sounds like an obvious concept, but if your tendencies lean toward putting other people first as mine do, it’s one to consider. I think for fear of sounding selfish, I’ve forgone looking after myself in the past. This year, I want to put an end to that pattern. It’s not something I can do very often – but taking a day for myself felt great and re-energized me for the weeks ahead. I highly recommend it. :)

What I’ve Bought (and am Hoping to Buy) This Spring

So, book update: ugh. Writing sucks. I am 22K words in, and I realized at some point in the near future I need to go back and edit all this shit that I’ve written. And you know what sucks more than writing? Editing your writing. It’s like a black hole of shame that makes you question your entire ability to form a coherent sentence and/or the meaning of life. I actually do enjoy editing in real life. But my own work? Not so much. (Quick sidenote: do you like hearing about my writing, or am I talking about it too much? Please scroll down and tell me what you think in the poll on the right side of the blog. This is your chance to tell me to shut up already! :) )

But let’s not focus on that. Instead, let’s talk about shopping. Shopping is much more fun, and bonus points, warm weather is coming! (Hopefully soon!) I’ve tried to curb my spring purchases because it’s still so damn cold here that there’s no point in getting excited about the days when a light trench is all I need to stay warm. But I have seen a few new arrivals at my favorite stores that I have my eyes on – and may have already ordered.

spring shopping

Banana Republic draped mixed-media tank – I saw this in the store and thought it was the perfect basic. The chiffon overlay gives it a luxurious feel, and I can picture wearing it with warm sweaters now or with a pencil skirt in the summer. I love it so much, I bought it in both ivory and coral.

Banana Republic sequin floral peplum top – I did have very high hopes for this top, but it didn’t fit quite right. I’m very sad to have to send it back.

Old Navy sweetheart skinny jeans – These jeans are amazing. Seriously. I love the dark wash (so navy it’s almost black), and the perfect stitching. They’re even a hint longer than most skinny jeans – meaning they’ll work for slightly taller girls like me. Old Navy has really stepped up their jeans game lately, and I’m loving it. Plus perfect jeans for $22! You can’t beat that.

While I’m still a huge fan of J. Crew vintage v-necks, I grabbed two of Old Navy’s version of the same shirt. For $7.50, they make the perfect weekend basic.

And those pieces I’m still saving for…

spring shopping1

J. Crew lightweight merino tunic sweater – the perfect weight to wear with skinny pants when it’s still a little cool out.

J. Crew pleated poplin skirt – This skirt looks like it was meant for breezy days walking through a field of wildflowers.

Gap classic trench – I love my favorite lightweight trench from Old Navy, but I’m ready to upgrade to something slightly nicer looking.

Hunters – Do I need Hunters? Hell no. I already have two pairs of rainboots, and some would say that’s one pair too many. However, Hunters are adorable, and I am a sucker for wanting things that everyone else has.

Saucony Originals – I am so darn happy that sneakers are in. Sauconys are my favorite because they are so comfortable. My only problem is deciding on which color to get.

What pieces are you excited to buy this spring?

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