i like to pretend i can wear high heels

I blame Carrie Bradshaw. She made the whole running-in-high-heels thing look so easy and effortless, not to mention painless.

I’m calling bullshit on that one. Finding a comfortable 3-inch heel is akin to discovering the fountain of youth. Personally, I’ve given up (but if anyone actually knows of a comfortable high heel, please comment and let me know!). I suffer through work days in my heels, wincing slightly as I walk to the printer or the cafe. It sounds so stupid, really, when I have sensible flats in my closet. Why go through that just for a pair of shoes?

Because they are beautiful shoes.

Perfect Pump in black, Ann Taylor

These are my favorite and highest heels. I had to run 12 blocks down Michigan Avenue in Chicago during the height of Christmas shopping season while also coming down with swine flu to get them. Of course they only lasted five minutes at work today. They are slightly too big (only a select few stores carry a 10.5), but I don’t care. They are so, so gorgeous. Even though they lasted exactly two minutes on my feet at the office yesterday. These are classics – every woman needs an amazing pair of black pumps in their closet.

Peep-toe platform, Linea Paolo

Second favorite, sold to me at the Nordstrom shoe sale by a guy who I suspect had a foot fetish. I don’t care. I wear these from spring to fall, and I love how their neutral is ballet pink and not beige. These are semi-comfortable, thanks to the chunkier heel. And peep-toes are sexy as hell.

You know why I’m not wearing these shoes in the pictures? Because I cannot take a picture of myself wearing these shoes without looking like I have cankles. Also, I think I’m pretty much over using my iPhone as a camera. So is my boyfriend. That could all change soon – I’m actually returning a bunch of clothes I bought this week and buying a quality camera. Stay tuned.

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  1. Those are lovely shoes! I’ve taken to wearing high heals in the hopes it will make my calves look like I’ve been running. I figure the pain of high heels is far less painful than actually running would be. ; P

  2. That running down Michigan Avenue through swarms of people, while coming down with swine flu? That really did happen people, she’s not kidding. I think she might have even shoved a small child.

  3. Great shoes. You asked for suggestions on more comfort. I feel it is most often a combination of things. The two most common are improper posture or incorrectly walking in heels, and improper fit. I guess that could be three things. Now I am not meaning to say you do not know how to walk in heels or your posture is poor; as I am not observing you with heels on. Some suggestions on the fitting; you may need to do some research on the designers you purchase from. The number (Size) is not always the same cut for every shoe. You may find from one style of shoe to another of the same designer the fit is different, the same style and size from one designer to another can be very different as well. I say take extra time to try on several pairs of shoes half to full size up and down, determine what fits you best. If the shoes are fitting improper, they will hurt after time no matter how well you can walk in heels. Most high heeler’s will purchase some heels that are not the most comfortable just for the look, those are the ones you know, you will not wear for a long period of time and need to plan accordingly.
    I hope this helps; perhaps you already knew all this, but if not, best of luck!!! ;)

    • Thank you so much for the great advice – all true! I alternate between three shoe sizes, so it’s definitely more difficult for me to find shoes that work, especially heels!

  4. You and me my dear are so much alike its frightening. Pain!?!? What Pain!?!!? My feet look so good, it’s all I can think about!!!

    PS I’m super pumped for your new camera!

  5. hahaha.. forwarding this post to my bestie.
    She will love it
    lee x

  6. I agree heels are beautiful but just not comfortable, yet I still put myself through the pain! I can’t believe you had the Swine Flu, crazy!

    • It was really fun – I started coming down with it on the Megabus ride home. Ever since then, I can’t bring myself to ride the Megabus. Stupid, I know! Still – love those heels!

  7. When I lived in Chicago I avoided Michigan Ave during the holidays at all costs, heels or no heels! In my experience if a pair of heels is even slightly too big they are impossible to walk in. Obviously chunkier heels will make it easier to walk, but if you’re looking for a stiletto it’s all about how your weight is being distributed. I worked for a holiday season at DSW so I know they carry larger sizes and they put a sticker on anything over a 10 so you can spot them easily.

    • I’m sure I can find something that will make them fit better in the summer, an insert or something. In the winter when I wear them with tights, I don’t have any problems walking in them. It doesn’t help that my left foot is just slightly smaller than my right. Talk about aggravating!

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