work fashion: pops of summer color

The summer boils on in southern Indiana, and I am further challenged with my outfits by the tantalizing fall catalogs I get every week. It really should be a rule that people who live in 90-degree weather shouldn’t be teased with beautiful photos of cashmere and corduroy and leather boots. I’m ready to move all my summer crap to the basement and be reunited once again with my favorite winter staples – until I come up with a cute outfit like this one.

Today I kept it simple with the clothes and added little pops of color. I hate matchy-matchy outfits – it’s so much better when different colors go together. Even if I’m wearing all of one color, I’ll try to blend different shades to mix it up.

I love this skirt. It’s so twirly, and it has (big) pockets). It’s made out of a soft canvas cotton, something I didn’t think existed. I’ve had it forever, and I love dressing it up or down. Plus did I mention the big pockets?

Shirt: Old Navy
Skirt: J. Crew
Necklace: a gift from my mom
Shoes: Talbots

Side note: I not only suck at taking pictures, I also suck at ordering cameras. I was all excited to post new and fabulous pics this week with my new and fabulous camera. Instead, I have to send it back because it only takes film – no digital capabilities. Fail fail fail. So you’ll have to put up with my cell phone pics for a little longer.

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  1. adorable! I love the conservative shirt and skirt with the dramatic pops of color.

  2. Cute Shoes!!

  3. cute outfit, i love your smiles too!!

  4. Thank you!great outft!
    xx Tanja

  5. Love the outfit.. gorgeous shoes tho
    lee x

  6. LOL..who uses film anymore… (sarcasm intended)
    I am horrible at taking pictures too.

    side note-> those yellow wedges are cuuute.

    -Bianca at

  7. Cute skirt! Big pockets are my favorite thing when it comes to skirts and dresses!

  8. Ah, I see we have the same skirt requirements :) If I can fins a skirt that’s twirly with big pockets it only needs to be a pretty colour for me to snap it up and take it home :) There are too many shoddy skirts out there with no pockets or too light to have any movement (or stay down in a light breeze). I like the shoes you’re wearing too.

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