work fashion: sailor-inspired chic

Today’s outfit was inspired by the first thing I saw in my closet. I usually hang things that I want to wear or think would be cute together on my shoe rack, and two of these pieces were just waiting for me. I had the blazer hanging there because I had just ironed sprayed wrinkle-release spray on it. The shirt had a hole that needed to be sewn before I could wear it, and I’m very happy to report I managed that this morning without poking myself with the needle – before coffee, even.

I love blazers. They’re the perfect alternative to cardigans, which I’m also obsessed with. They’re also essential if your office is cold like mine.

can you believe i took these with my iphone? in shock!

mmyeah, ignore the wrinkly pants. i don't iron.

Shirt, Old Navy
Blazer, Loft
Pants, American Eagle
Shoes, Enzo Angliolini
Necklace, Talbots

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  1. I love sailor pants. I always have and always will. They make legs look so long! (and bottoms look so skinny!) But…can we still get a good pair of bell bottom/sailor pants/wide leg or whatever they may be called right now? Has the reign of the skinny jean ended yet?

    • Bell bottoms are back baby! Check out Old Navy – they have some really cute ones right now. I actually think the “straight” pant is the new silhouette for everyone. You get the “skinny” feeling without the cling. They’re really, really flattering.

  2. impressive–i can barely open my eyes before coffee!
    i can’t wait till it’s cool enough to wear my blazers here–i love this light-colored one; it reminds me of the ones that kristen wiig wears in bridesmaids that i loved!

    • Ugh, I STILL need to see that movie! I’m planning a whole post on blazers and why I’m obsessed with them. Zara is selling a gorg pink one right now that I’m dying to have for fall. They start selling in the US Sept 6 (I think?). Sadly it’s marked on my work calendar. That’s slightly pathetic. :)

  3. I love blazers and jackets too, the colored blazers make me melt ! “)
    express has some not too pricey red an pink numbers!

  4. You took on a sewing project that early? Major kudos! Love the sailor stripes! It would be awesome if you decide to post pictures of your animals on Saturdays! Let me know if you do and I’ll put a link on my blog! It’s gonna be a thing!

  5. Great outfit.. Your blazer is fabulous
    lee x

  6. i’m a newbie to your blog! but girl, i’m loving that blazer. you look stunning!

    alissa b

  7. Gotta love a great blazer paired with stripes! Love the nautical look :)

  8. cute look! I never tire of the nautical theme:)

  9. I can’t believe you just tossed this together in the morning, it’s such a great pairing! My office is freezing too so I have quite an impressive collection of cardigans and blazers as well. I’m so glad I’m not the only person who does impromptu repairs/alterations early in the morning. The other day I was hopping around the apartment trying to hem a skirt with double sided tape and a haphazard stitching while the cat was trying to play with my thread. Needless to say the BF got quite a good laugh out of it.

    • I may or may not have settled on this after standing in my closet for 25 minutes. :) Gotta love cats! They are sooo funny, especially when they try to play as you’re trying to do something serious.

  10. I love blazers too! Yours looks great on you! Also big fan of the wrinkle spray, it works wonders . . .

  11. I do love some sailor inspired chic in the work place, great blazor btw! XOXO

  12. Love your top — is it recent Old Navy? I swear it’s a dead ringer for an Anthro top I saw not long ago…

  13. love these pants. you look stunning. thanks for a great post. would love if you could stop by today and check out my new outfit post.

    For all the latest fashion news from a southern girl making it as an LA stylist follow on facebook.

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