outfit of the day: salute

I can’t help myself. The skirt has a military feel to it (not to mention AMAZING pockets – that sold it right there), and I love the color.

Blouse, Ann Taylor
Skirt, Ann Taylor
Shoes, Target
Necklace, gift from my mom

I switched the necklace out at lunch, and now I pretty much love everything about this outfit.

Hope everyone’s having a great Monday!

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  1. This skirt is great on you and oh do I love the buttons! Pockets are a huge selling point for me. A dress or skirt with pockets is light years ahead of one without. My boyfriend always teases me about it because I never put much in my dress/skirt pockets and still carry a massive bag around with me. He says that I’m defeating the point… I say he doesn’t get the point.

  2. Very cute indeed!

  3. cute shoes! don’t forget that Missoni for Target launches tomorrow! so excited for it!!

  4. There’s nothing better than a skirt or dress with great pockets! Love the outfit!

  5. What a cool skirt! Anything miliary inspired is a great piece to have in your closet!

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