the wardrobe basics every woman should own

Let’s get back to the basics – the fashion basics, that is.

I was going to title this post “The Work Basics Every Woman Should Own,” but I think these pieces should be in every woman’s closet – regardless if she works 8-5 in an office. Classic fashion is timeless – which is also why I believe that if you’re going to splurge on clothes, it should be these. It’s worth the money for something you’ll be able to wear for the next 10+ years. I’ve already had the pencil skirt for eight, and I still wear it at least once a week.


Black shift, Talbots
Belt, J. Crew

Come on, you know what this is. It’s almost become a fashion cliche. Every woman needs a black dress that makes her feel fabulous and fits her perfectly. It’s not enough that it was 75% off or came with a rockin’ waist-cinching belt. It has to fit your body like it was custom-made for you. That’s the secret to an LBD, or really to all fashion – it’s more important how the dress makes you feel. And you deserve to feel fabulous.

A crisp white blouse

Three-quarter sleeve white blouse, Talbots

Points if it’s non-iron. Seriously, do yourself a favor and go for the blouse that won’t wrinkle. It’s worth it. Ironing is so 1950s. I go through wrinkle-release spray like it’s Poptarts. If you’re all boobs like me, pick one with extra seams – it will nip in your waist even more. Also go for one with a little stretch. And finally, don’t be lazy like I am and wash this with the colored pile of dirty laundry. Take the time to reach up and get the bleach, even though it’s heavy and stored high up, and do a special load just for this blouse. Because you’ll be super pissed if you pull it out of the washer and it’s pink. Not that this has ever happened to me.

A black pencil skirt

Back-flare pencil skirt, Express
Tank, LOFT

I’ve talked about this one before. A black pencil skirt is great because you can wear it all season long. The midi skirt (length is halfway between your feet and knees) is back in a big way this season. That one’s acceptable too – but I think much harder to pull off. If you can’t wear pencil skirts (and some body shapes just don’t work with them) try A-lines with wide waistbands. Start with black. Then add different colors, patterns and textures. Pencil skirts come in a million varieties (I even have a “Friday” denim one), so go skirt-wild.

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  1. Bow tied beauty says:

    Love the LBD! Great post, I was thinking of investing in a black pencil skirt :)


  2. These pieces are all very useful in any wardrobe. The only thing I’m missing is a white shirt – I find it hard to get a really nice fit unless it’s really high end. Any brands you know of who make quality ones at a good price? (Love your poses, btw!)

    • HA! I figured I felt so awkward, I might as well be silly. My favorites are Talbots (non-iron), but Express also has good ones. Unfortunately I don’t fit into their blouses anymore! I’ve also heard Calvin Klein has great blouses. My experiences with Talbots and Express were their blouses came out of the dryer wrinkle-free, whereas some J. Crew Outlet blouses didn’t. And I hate ironing, so I don’t get blouses there anymore! I hope that helps.

  3. You are so right about these! I have countles LBDs, but for me what is so important are the pencil black skirts. I have one from Lanvin that is just to-die for (and the best thing about them? they dont go out of fashion!).

    Thank you so much for your lovely comment as well, it really did mean a lot!


  4. This is fun to read! thanks for sharing it

  5. I am so with you on the 3/4 length sleeve blouse! It just feels so much more comfortable and so much less stuffy than the full sleeve, and you can show off bracelets, watches, etc. PLUS, I have short arms (it’s a curse!), so I love sleeves I dont’ have to shorten! Great post!

  6. Absolutely agree with you! Great basics will do a long way… one should consider them as investment ;)

  7. You’ve got all the bases covered with this post. I almost cried when my first black pencil skirt met an untimely demise after a rather rowdy girls night out.. but I digress… wonderful post and I’m headed to FB right now to formally “like” you.

  8. How about an article on Boots. I have fat calves and finding a cute pair of boots that fits my legs are rough — let along trying to wear them over jeans! lol

  9. great tip on the LBD!! i have one that i’ve worn for years and years and it always does its job!

    cute & little

  10. The LBD look so good on you! I am an anti-wearing all black person too but gotta have the LBD! Ps. those pink pants of mine…ASOS… 16 bucks! how much more do you love them now :D

  11. Definitely agree with your wardrobe staples!

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