outfit of the day: mixing prints

It’s a Tuesday, and I’m going out on a fashion limb. I’m not an adventurous person – except with my outfits, and this is a pretty tame fashion adventure compared to some of the crazy-amazing outfits I see on my favorite blogs everyday. For me, something different is mixing prints.

Dress, LOFT

Shirt, J. Crew Outlet
Belt, J. Crew
Shoes, Talbots

I never mix prints. Mostly because I don’t have enough to mix. This dress was a super sale find (thanks Mom!) that I usually wear in the spring and summer, but I’m having trouble saying good-bye to my favorite summer pieces.

This is the third day in a row I’ve worn this belt. And I wore it most of last week. I. Am. Obsessed.

My god you guys, my ROOTS. They are KILLING ME. I am finally getting my hair done tonight. Hopefully the next time I post I will be blonder. And thinner. One out of two is fine.

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  1. This is a crazy-amazing outfit! You pulled off print mixing fabulously and I love the pops of color you added with the blue belt and yellow flats! You’ve inspired me to mix some prints this week! Now… where to start!

  2. Mixing prints is always a great way to add some panache to your daily wardrobe. Well done ;)

  3. Lovely dress!!! :))



  4. *&@! your rockin it! seriously, YOU LOOK RAD! I am inspired to mix some prints too!!!! Its so daunting though, isn’t it…Also, your hair looks great, roots are hip and you have a killer figure so SHUSH! Nonetheless, it is exciting getting the hair done. I felt exactly the same way a couple weeks ago. And since I’m a fake blonde, a couple more weeks and I’ll be back in that same place. Anyway BFF, you are always stunning and it makes my day when you post so POST POST POST POST!!!

  5. I love the way you mixed these. It almost looks like one dress. I also love the brights you’ve mixed! Very cute.

    <3 Rachel

  6. I love your print mix! You pulled together a great outfit. Your new favorite belt is a nice pop of color, too.
    You should submit this to alltheshinypieces.com. I put the link below in case you are interested.

  7. You’re funny…I always think my roots look bad even when they really arent. You look great and the pattern mixing you did is perfect!

  8. what a great combination! I’m loving the pops of color with the black and white. and of course, the polka dots and stripes! I’ll be sure to include you in my post for mixed prints next week!

  9. oooh, great job on the mixing of the pretty prints! it’s nice how you kept it simple w. a similar color palette and i love the little pops of color from the belt and pretty flats = well done!!!
    xoxo ~ kristina

  10. Thanks so much for the sweet comment on my blog. I love this outfit. The yellow shoes are such a cute and unexpected touch.

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