outfit of the day: a summer dress in the fall

I love this summer jersey dress – and I wear it a lot. Why should fall mean you have to give up your favorite summer dresses?

Just add some boots, a scarf and a blazer. Summer frock meets fall temps.

Blazer, Target

Dress, LOFT
Boots, Talbots
Scarf, streets of New York

Three cheers to me for taking these pics before work. I think I deserve a freaking medal for that.

Also – have you voted today?

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  1. Hi. Believe me or not, but i was wearing something similar today ;) i like it a lot :)))


  2. Super cute, Cath! Great way to take advantage of this nice weather. I saw a red blazer at Goodwill yesterday and thought of you. PEACE. :)

  3. what a great fall transition outfit! you look stunning!

  4. I 100% agree! your “summer” dress looks amazing in the fall!

  5. You look beautiful, Catherine! Wonderful outfit. I love the leather boots with those bright colors.


  6. I love this color combination. Very pretty. And you do deserve a medal for taking the pictures before going to work!!!

  7. If fall and winter meant giving up bright clothing, I would hate cold weather more than I already do!

  8. Fall just means we have to be a little more creative with how we wear our favorite summer dresses :) Cute look!


  9. I love this outfit! The fuschia and red is just so lovely!

  10. love the orange and pink combo!!

  11. You look amazing! I love, love, love this outfit. That dress looks like such a great transitional piece. And don’t get me started on your color mixing…perfection!

  12. You look like a million bucks in this outfit. Love how you transitioned this dress, the layers all work and your color palette is dead on!


  1. [...] have worn this dress more than I can count. I love it that much. After I styled it for fall, I really wanted to figure out a way to wear it in the winter. Enter a turtleneck in a bright, [...]

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