blog picture outtakes – aka, a chance to laugh at me

I’ve been blogging since August, and it’s been so much fun for me. It’s also been a learning experience, to put it mildly. I still can’t take a picture worth a damn – and there have been some doozies I’ve left off the blog for various reasons.

Fortunately for you all who are in need of a good laugh, I’ve decided to be charitable and post them now. Think of it as a year-end present of thanks. And in truth, it’s totally selfish: I always feel better about my awkwardness by making fun of myself. Acceptable coping mechanism, right?

Ok, on to the pics.

Learn to fake-salute better. And pose where the camera is pointing. Also – cause of strange gold line in picture still unknown. Shooting star, perhaps?

Obv. I don’t need to use flash. Or know which way my camera is pointing. (Notice a pattern here?)

A not-bad pic that wasn’t used because my iPhone can’t show the level of detail I wanted in the sweater. I may try again someday. (Thanks anyway, Annie!)

Ooh now we’re getting into the good stuff. I can pop my collar!

I can twirl!

I can cut off my own head!

I can do… whatever the fuck this is.

I can almost hear the voice in my head telling me this pose was a good idea: “Look sideways. Pretend you’re walking. See, it looks so natural!”

“Show your hatred of Gap’s red jeans by jumping on the couch! It will be just like a magazine ad!”

“Stand with your legs far apart! That won’t look awkward at all!”

I hate the magazine models, and not just for their stick-thinness. They make these faces look so easy and cutesy. But they’re not. You just end up looking like a giggly child.

Or you try to pose with stupid props. That get lost in the picture.

But most of the blooper pics are me trying to explain to my boyfriend photographer exactly what I want done. While he just smiles and snaps away regardless.

This is only after four months of blogging. Just imagine the crazy pics I’m going to have for you all at the end of next year.

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  1. Oh boy, did this make me giggle! Can’t wait for more photo bloopers in 2012! Happy New Year :)

  2. Amazing looks….Happy New Years!

  3. Haha love this post and the outtakes! Posing is super awkward, I agree….but at least we end up with some entertaining photos :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  4. I am not photogenic at all so don’t feel bad lol. I think you are adorable! I hope we both can start shopping our closets instead of constantly buying new things. I have found when I plan my outfits for the week on Sunday, my week goes more smoothly : ) -Dreama

  5. Hah! The plant-holding one is my fave. Looks like you’re serving up a mighty fine Charlie Brown Christmas tree. ;) Is that a piece of grass in the first pic?

  6. Love the outtakes. Good for you for posting them- the captions are what made me laugh most of all! For every one picture of myself that makes it on my blog, there are at least 10 that are deleted. And I definitely curse the girls that look perfect and fabulous at any angle and pose. Skanks.

  7. I love these!! God help us if people could see some of my terrible outtakes! I can never figure out how those gals make such lovely pictures!

  8. Haha, I loved these – both the photos and the commentary! And I’m so glad to know it’s not just me – I seem to end up with hundreds of out-takes for every photo deemed good enough to post!

  9. You have some amazing resolutions. I love the “shop in your closet and not in stores”. We ALL need to do more of that :)

  10. Haha, I love this…thanks for sharing. I think the popped collar shot is my favorite!

  11. I don’t know what you’re talking about, these are some of the best blog photos I’ve seen! haha ;)

    Thanks for sharing, love your sense of style – and humor!

  12. Haha, yes!! These are awesome. I especially love the little potted tree prop… hahaha. Thanks for sharing these! Oh, and just because you look silly doesn’t mean you weren’t wearing an adorable outfit!! ;)

  13. hahah I loved these. I always thought about putting outtakes up but I figure I should probably not let mine roam the web.

    Have a Happy New Year!

  14. You’re too cute…love all of the outtakes!

  15. Haha, very cute out takes! Happy New Year!

  16. love this – its great to have a senses of humor about it all :)

  17. ha ha, so cute + funny! blogging is definitely a growing experience, and i love it!

  18. You are so funny! I love your outtakes…the walking naturally is the hardest to do for sure.

  19. Thanks for making me laugh :) It’s important to not take yourself too seriously.

  20. Awwwww, so totally cute… and brave! Came in via the IFB Links a la Mode.

  21. Ok, I love this. You knew I would (probably because we’re BBF’s now). I think my favorites are the popping your collar and the natural walking. I love that you posted these. Maybe someday I will be that brave.

  22. I endlessly prefer this to all the ‘ooh, I’m a serious model, look at me pouting my lips and never smiling’-photos of some famous bloggers. You’re clearly having fun with it and it’s all the more appealing! Thank you for making me smile. :)


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