5 Simple Pick-Me-Ups

pick me ups collageIt’s a new year, and I’m starting it out right by treating myself to a few easy pick-me-ups. Sometimes it’s the simplest things that put me in a good mood – these are a few of my favorite ways for you to try!

  • New PJs - I’m usually a fan of J. Crew tees for sleepy time, but after I got an adorable sleep shirt for Christmas (and enjoyed a marathon New Girl night that had me admiring all of Jess’s jammies), I decided to treat myself to a matching set from Victoria’s Secret. The flannel is so soft, and the print is so cute.
  • A Disney movie – I know it might sound cheesy, but then you’ll start singing along to “Under the Sea”, and all will be wonderful with the world. Bonus points if you’re watching the movie while in your cozy new PJs.
  • Make your own face mask -  You can always buy one, but I’ve found tons of recipes online that use common household items. I like the one that calls for 2 parts Greek yogurt and one part honey. Put it on, let it sit for 15 minutes and wash off. Then eat the leftover mask. Yum.
  • Clean out your closet – Start with the six month rule. If you haven’t worn it in six months (and it’s in season), get rid of it. Free up space in your closet for new clothes that you’ll actually enjoy, and definitely get rid of anything you’re holding on to that’s too small because you’re hoping to fit into it down the road. Negative energy doesn’t belong in your closet!
  • Start saving for that splurge – you’ve been eying that fabulous Coach purse for too long now. Time to come up with a plan to make it yours! Whether it’s putting a little money away each month or paying for it all at once, you deserve a treat.

What little things do you do to pick yourself up?

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  1. There is almost always a disney movie on around here :) This momma is looking forward to adding frozen to your collection :)

  2. Oh yes, cleaning out my closet always makes me feel better! I think I might actually do that over the weekend…it’s going to be freezing cold and it’s a nice way to start off the year. :) Happy New Year!

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  3. Love this! I usually get pjs for Christmas but this year I decided I had to throw some old ones away before I fill my drawers with any new ones. But I have been trying to spend my Christmas money on some splurges for myself! Plus it is sale time so more for your money – woot!

  4. Disney movies are like a magic pill for fixing a bad mood. :-)

  5. Cute jammies! I desperately need to clean out my closet too. Love that Coach purse! Their designs over the past year have really been nice… so clean and classic. Have a great day!

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