29 random facts about me on my birthday

my third birthday
My cousin Frankie, me and my grandma Jojo on my third birthday

Today is my birthday! I’m 29 years old, and I thought in honor of this National Holiday, I’d share 29 random facts about me.

  1. I have a massive fear of sudden loud noises. Easter egg hunts, July 4 (or any holiday where fireworks are involved – which in Indiana means any holiday. Seriously, we have fireworks for Christmas) and thunderstorms cause minor anxiety attacks. My fear even has a fancy-sounding name: ligyrophobia. Which obviously makes it .02% cooler.
  2. I got my first B when I was in fifth grade (in math, of course) and proceeded to rip my report card into tiny pieces. My mom made me tape it back together and write on it why I had ripped it apart. I wrote, “I did this for a GOOD reason.”
  3. My music taste is random and ranges from Something Corporate to Mumford and Sons to Trampled by Turtles to baroque/medieval music. This is my favorite radio program.
  4. If you actually went to that link, you’ll know by now that I am a huge, huge nerd. My friends called me Grandma in college, and it pissed me off to no end. My penchant for knitting didn’t help convince them otherwise.
  5. My animals all have Shakespeare names. I took two courses on Shakespeare in college and became completely obsessed – partly with Shakespeare and partly with my kickass professor who dismissed half the class one day because they hadn’t done the assigned reading. I was literally quivering with relief that I had.
  6. I don’t wear glasses or contacts. I suspect I’m on the same track as my father, who didn’t need either until he turned 30.
  7. My great-great-grandfather was a polygamist in Utah. He eventually wrote his memoirs (or I suspect, dictated them to one of his MANY grandchildren), and they are fascinating to read.
  8. I was the only kid in second grade brave enough to feed and hold our class snake. This paid off in dividends at the end of the year when I got to take Fang the garter snake home with me. My mom, who had apparently no warning that this was going to happen, was less than amused.
  9. I survived a small but bloody attack by Fang a year later. I think it was all the carrying him around in my shirt sleeve that caused him to snap. Whatever the reason, he latched on to my left arm and didn’t let go. The only thing I remember is crying at my mom to not hurt Fang (as he’s still hanging off my arm) while she’s lunging at me the snake with a broom.
  10. I hate overhead lights. No – hate isn’t a strong enough word. I abhor overhead lights. Having one on turns me into a cat who has come face-to-face with a vacuum. I will fill a room with six lamps or deal with a dark room in order to avoid using overhead lights.
  11. I prefer comforters to duvet covers.
  12. My life will be complete when I have a purse named after me.
  13. I can take pretty much anything gross. I’ve accidentally poured dog pee on myself, had to clean up vomit, stepped in (dog) poo barefoot… but I CANNOT HANDLE mold. I routinely throw out two-day-old leftovers just in case.
  14. My house flooded when I was 23. While our upstairs wasn’t affected (my mom lives in a split-level), everything downstairs was gone. I had just finished grad school and lived with my grandparents for a few weeks while we redid the house.
  15. I have a band-aid aversion.
  16. I consider myself a pretty good writer, but I have no artistic talent whatsoever.
  17. Recipes are (in my house) more guidelines than rules.
  18. I have played the flute since I was nine. I still play every now and then, and if I’m in a mood, I’ll take out the piccolo just to piss the neighbors off.
  19. I’m addicted to the Sims Medieval. At least I already told you I was a nerd?
  20. I have a penchant for watching the same movies over and over. Consequently, there are A LOT of classics I have never seen. It’s kind of embarrassing. Last year I saw “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” for the first time. If you can name a classic, there’s a good chance I haven’t seen it.
  21. My favorite wine is Riesling.
  22. I’ve been trying to learn Russian for a while now. So far, I’ve only got past, “I”m learning to speak Russian. It’s not good.”
  23. If I had to pick a totally different profession, I’d be a meteorologist. Small problem: I hate science and math. Maybe that’s why I’m not a meteorologist.
  24. My biggest regret in college is not doing a semester abroad.
  25. I’m lazy useless at cooking. Dinner is usually cereal straight out of the box.
  26. I love reading. LOVE it. Libraries and bookstores are my happy places. When I was little, my one rebellion against my parents’ rules was waiting until they said good night to me, then grabbing the flashlight from under my bed and whatever book I was into at the time and reading until very late.
  27. My favorite drink is milk. After workouts, in the morning, in the evening, with any and every meal. I sometimes drink it straight out of the carton. (I prefer skim, in case you were wondering.)
  28. I’d rather be super cute and freezing in the winter. My vanity knows no bounds.
  29. NPR is on in my house 24/7.


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  1. Happy Happy Birthday!! And I love an ice cold glass of milk of milk before bed :)

  2. fasionista says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY and what great comments! You are full of wonderful mysteries and surprises that make you a fabulous person!

  3. Happy Birthday! Enjoyed you 29 random facts! Thanks for sharing……and I love NPR!

  4. Wishing you a fabulous birthday! Completely agree with #28!!

  5. Happy happy birthday! This was such a fun post! Riesling is my fav wine too…hope you’re having some today to celebrate :)


  6. Happy Birthday!! Your post CRACKED me up!! Nerds, unite!! lol!

    Love NPR!! Especially Car Talk – my all time fav!

    So…how’s the boy situation? We haven’t seen him around, just wondering! That’s super personal so you don’t have to answer if you don’t want to :) Just wondering, as a “friend” reader :)

  7. S Dnem Rozhdeniya! (That’s an Americanized spelling of “happy birthday” in Russian, apparently… I took Russian for three semesters in college and can only remember about 5 phrases, and I don’t think I ever learned happy birthday).

    Anyway, I love this list and your blog (my BFF/roommate from college is the same way about overhead lights, btw). I’m sure great things are ahead for you this year!

  8. How interesting to read those memoirs! I love learning history–it is my favorite subject–especially when it is about your own family. Happy birthday! I hope it is great!

  9. Hey, at least you had a buddy that was equally terrified of loud noises growing up. Remember watching the fireworks on my driveway from the window? I’m cracking up over the shredded report card!!! This list pretty much sums up why we’ve been friends for so long. NERD ALERT. Happy birthday!!! Hope it’s the best yet :)

  10. Andrea Darst says:

    Happy Birthday to you!

  11. Aw, what a cute kid you were! Happy birthday!

  12. Happy birthday! I hope it was a great day! Plus, so fun to read your 29 things (I would love to try learning russian some day)!

  13. I absolutely LOVED reading this. Such good insights into who you are! Wishing you the happiest of birthdays BBF! Ps- my drink of choice is also milk. Unfortunately pregnancy has made me a bit lactose intolerant. I am not pleased.

  14. Happy Belated Birthday!! Loved reading this. I actually fill these things out when people send them to me (via email/facebook) because I love reading them.

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