Four Wardrobe Additions for 2014

4 Wardrobe Pieces for 2014

Since the start of the year, I’ve been thinking of my resolutions for 2014. Of course I want to workout more and eat better this year – but I also hope to shop smarter. I have a bad habit of buying something because it’s on major sale or because I like it but don’t necessarily love it. I bypassed a shirt at J. Crew a few days after Christmas that was on sale for $9. It was so cheap, I almost felt I had to get it. No longer is that going to be an excuse to buy something. I hate having shopping regrets – especially when the piece I bought can’t be returned anymore.

But there are a few pieces I’m looking to add for 2014 – pieces I hope will become welcome additions to an admittedly very full closet.

  • Full A-Line skirt – I’ve tried the Essential Elegance skirt from Modcloth before, and wasn’t totally in love – but I’m willing to try it again. I ended up ordering the wrong size last time (the reviews are kind of all over the place on sizing), but really I just want a full skirt I can wear to work. Why is that so hard to ask? Seriously, Gap, Banana and J. Crew all have TONS of pencil skirts and minis and very few a-lines. I don’t understand!
  • More shoeboots – I am obsessed with my Sam Edelman Pettys. They’re the perfect winter shoe: they cover my whole foot and look as cute with pants as they do with skirts and dresses. I love them so much, I’m thinking about nabbing the same ones in tan.
  • A quality pair of sunglasses – I’m a big fan of Target sunnies and Amazon falsies (hello, Fradas!), but quality suffers, and I’m tired at having to replace my sunglasses (though perhaps throwing them to the bottom of my work bag isn’t helping). I asked for help choosing between Ray-ban wayfarers or aviators on Instagram and Facebook this weekend – thanks for all your input! I still can’t make up my mind, and think I need to try both on in person before taking the sunglasses plunge.
  • A nicer trench coat – I love my classic tan trench from Old Navy, but after many years, it’s starting to show its age. I’m hoping to find a trench coat that’s more of an investment piece, like this one from Gap (though what I wouldn’t do for this amazing one from Burberry!).

Now I want to hear from you – what are YOU hoping to add to your wardrobe this year?

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  1. Definitely a good idea to try the sunglasses on…that could be the deciding factor!


  2. I like the trench coat idea. I think a great trench coat is a must. I splurged a tad and got one last year from New York and Co and I’m still obsessed with it. It has a little bit of leather on it and it’s perfection.

  3. Did you check The Limited for a skirt? They’re having a pretty awesome sale right now and I’ve gotten at least two A-line skirts from them recently.

  4. just found your blog through “Blogging for Beginners” and wanted to say that I love it!

  5. Cohosting #fundaymonday and wanted to stop by! I would love a nice trench coat and some shoe boots as well. Love all your picks. I have a hard time with sunglasses or any glasses staying on my nonexistent bridge of a nose!
    Eva @

  6. I have found a bunch of a-lines but you are right they are all not at any of the usual suspects! Totally going to do a post inspired by you :) I got a custom trench from a few years ago and it is my MOST complimented item in my closet. And it costs about the same as a retail trench from club monaco or Banana. Worth every penny.

  7. A pair of Burberry trench has been on my wishlist forever but since the one I have from Zara is still good plus I hardly wear it, I can’t justify another purchase!

    Mrs Jack Of All Trades
    Dubai, UAE

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