outfit of the day: orchid

Orchid and green

Orchid and green

J. Crew Tippi sweater • Gap boyfriend gingham shirt (this year’s version) • J. Crew Bennett chinos • Steve Madden leopard loafers (similar) • Stella & Dot Juniper necklace

I have a confession: I’m not a huge fan of the color of the year. (I’m also not a fan of having to take outfit photos indoors because the weather is horribly cold.)

Purple is just not my favorite color. I also think it’s a weird version of purple that doesn’t flatter as many people as it rightly should, being a variant of blue and all. But color politics aside, I do like mixing orchid – or at least this version of orchid – with other colors.

And I also feel like I need to apologize for the lack of outfit photos lately. Our weather has been pretty heinous for the past week. Today we had a wind chill of -45. NEGATIVE 45. That is just WRONG, people. Until winter decides to get over itself, I will be attempting to take pics inside. They’re not as pretty as outdoor pics, but again, NEGATIVE @#$%ing 45.

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  1. Purple is not my color either! But I like how you can toned down the purple by covering it with a vest (also a necessity to stay warm these days!)

  2. I’m not a huge fan of the radiant orchard either. I think I own ONE purple piece of clothing in my wardrobe and that’s it.

    PS I hope it warms up there soon…-45 is INSANE!

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  3. I actually think orchid looks great on you!

  4. This is a great outfit on you! And yes the weather is freaking freezing!! If the kids ask to go out and play one more time because they think hey the sun is out it’s warm I’m gonna die lol

  5. IT has been stupid cold here too. Like -45 Celsius. I caught a window when the wind wasn’t blowing all over the place to take some photos on the weekend, bit it was a small window. I was actually thankful for all the snow we got because that meant it was “warmer”.

    I do like the way you have mixed the purple into your outfit. While I love purple as a colour it isn’t something I wear all that often.

  6. I actually really love the purple on you. I think it’s a great color for your skintone. And I feel like I’ve asked before, but is your hair darker??

    • Catherine says:

      It’s just a touch… but I had to mess with the photographs more than normal because I can’t figure out how to take good pics indoors, so I think that may have contributed to it looking darker!

  7. Ummm I think the color looks awesome on you!! Love the darker locks :)

  8. I like orchid, but haven’t tried it yet.

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