Outfit of the Day: Flowers

 A J. Crew Jackie cardigan with a floral dress

Target dress • J. Crew Jackie cardigan • Ralph Lauren sandals • Sunglasses from Amazon

I’ve waited seven months to wear this dress.

I bought it last year at Target on after-season sale for $7. It’s so adorable – and it has POCKETS (which I’ve decided every dress should have)! Plus, did I mention it cost $7?! I am definitely not one for bargain hunting, but even I can appreciate the amazing deal that is a $7 dress with pockets no less.

A J. Crew Jackie cardigan with a floral dress

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  1. fashionista says:

    wonderful springy dress!!! loves super comfy too!

  2. Kristin says:

    This look fantastic on you!! Love the shoes too! Great color for your skin!

  3. Hooray! The wait for pretty spring dresses is over! I love this one and, yes, every dress should have pockets!

  4. Yay!!! Warm weather was here… Pray it comes back quickly for more spring/summer frocks!

  5. This dress is absolutely stunning! It is perfect for spring:) I love it!
    xo Olivia

  6. So cute and for $7 it’s get even cuter!

  7. the retro look of floral is now back on trend. It’s perfect for the summer or spring seasons. I love floral, its makes my mood more of a calm.

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