An Update on My Plan to Get Healthy

Dogs always help when you're working out.

About a month ago, I wrote a post about my promise to eat healthy and count calories. I wanted to update you on that and let you know how I’ve done so far.

Since tracking my food and working out at least twice a week, I’ve lost … 4.6 pounds.

I mean, I knew the weight wasn’t going to fall off (and I also realize it’s unhealthy to lose a bunch of weight really quickly), but I have to admit I’m majorly disappointed that it’s such a slow process. Plus I had two weeks where I didn’t lose any weight, which is so disheartening. For some reason, I remember losing weight quicker the last time. I know 4.6 pounds in a month is still great, and I know it’s a process for a reason, but I can’t help wishing it would all go away quicker.

I’m actually considering going back on Weight Watchers. It’s a program that’s worked well for me in the past, and I know it will work again. My Fitness Pal seems like a great way to be aware of how much you’re eating – but I still occasionally go to bed hungry at night, something that didn’t happen with Weight Watchers once my body adjusted to it.

One thing that has improved is how much I’ve been working out. I’m taking two BarreAmped classes a week, and am even starting to throw a yoga class in with that! It’s been wonderful to get stronger, even as much as I hate holding yet another plank. (I do wish Horatio could join me in classes – that’s him in the photo hogging my mat as I do a Barre workout at home!)

Thanks for your encouragement – and I’d love to know if you have any tips or advice!

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  1. keep it up lady! just think, if you kept this trend going, in less than a year you’d be down 50 lbs! slow and steady (with some fun mixed in!) wins the weight loss race. I’m using my fitness pal now as it really shows how much I eat, but I wish i could take some barre classes as they sound so much fun (and effective!). keep us updated on the journey :)

  2. Girl, I am right there with ya! I have been counting calories and really watching what I’m eating and it’s definitely not coming off as quickly as I’d like, but at the end of the day, I still feel good about the changes I’m making. For me, it really helps to have a support system, someone I can chat with when I want that fast food french fry or when I’m bummed that I haven’t lost as much as I want. It’s also nice to have someone you can celebrate with too. Just remember there are people like me that follow your blog that can become that support system! It’s tough for those of us that want to see quick results, but I have to keep reminding myself even if it takes time, it will be worth it in the end!

  3. That’s still awesome!!! You probably lost weight quicker last time with more to loose?

    Also remember MUSCLE weighs more that FAT!! You are getting stronger and burning that fat :)

  4. I find that when I use My Fitness Pal it tends to underestimate how many calories I burn as my basal metabolic rate. Which leaves me feeling hungry at the end of the day, too. Either that or I’m not eating enough fiber to stay full!

    Also, I agree that you might be gaining muscle and not just losing fat which can contribute to not seeing the number go down as quickly on the scale. How are your clothes fitting? Better, worse, the same? That’s a surefire way to know if you’re making a difference!

    • Catherine says:

      They’re definitely fitting a little better! That makes me feel better – I know I’m doing ok when my clothes fit like they’re supposed to. :)

  5. I was going to come in here with a super smart comment about “You’re gaining muscle! That’s why the numbers aren’t going down, and that’s totally awesome!”, but apparently people beat me to it. I’ve been trying hard to just ignore the numbers on the scale and take a look at how my clothes are fitting. Also, I’m totally with you- why isn’t this weight going away quicker?! These last 10 pounds of baby weight are super annoying. Anyway, MyFitnessPal works for me although I’m usually fairly hungry too. If you end up using it, look me up – peanutsms

    Proud of you BBF!

    • Catherine says:

      Aww thanks for the encouragement, BBF. I actually tried on a normally-tight pair of pants yesterday that definitely felt like they fit better. That is such a wonderful feeling!!

  6. The working out and building muscle slows down the drastic drop you see on the scale. It will work itself out. I am more about if my clothes are fitting better especially in the beginning. Keep it up! You are doing great ;)

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