Stitchfix Box #7

Yay it’s Stitchfix time again! Oh how I love coming home to one of these boxes waiting for me. In case you don’t know what Stitchfix is, it’s a wonderful personal stylist service that’s all done online. Once you sign up, you’ll fill out a style survey and schedule a delivery. Your box will cost $20, but you can put that money toward any item you keep – and if you keep all five pieces Stitchfix sends you, you get 25% off everything! This is a PERFECT service for people who hate to shop or are crunched for time – or if you’re like me and you just want to change up your wardrobe!

Here’s what was in my box this time!

Pomelo jacket from Stitchfix

Pomelo Julia utility jacket, $78

While I love the style, I was not in love with the color for the jacket. Also, the idea of buying a jacket in the summer makes me almost immediately start sweating.

Collective Concepts blouse from Stitchfix

Collective Concepts Wintor leopard print cross-front blouse, $64

This blouse was completely see-through, and even though the bottom hem was elastic, it was oddly tight. Definitely not my style!

41Hawthorn blouse from Stitchfix

41Hawthorn Ivy abstract print tab-sleeve blouse, $68

I absolutely loved the colors in this blouse’s print. It was a definite keeper – and then I saw a tiny stain on the front. Sadface.

Mystree skirt from Stitchfix

Mystree Charlie mixed stripe maxi skirt, $68

I thought for sure I’d never keep this skirt – until I tried it on, of course. It’s SO comfy and makes me feel SO good. Any piece of clothing that makes you smile and feel better about yourself when you’re wearing it is an automatic buy.

Echo scarf from Stitchfix

Echo Melrose multi-colored scallop print scarf, $28

I really wasn’t going to keep this scarf, but the bright colors tempted me too much. I am not a girl who can say no to neon.

Love this maxi skirt from Stitchfix!

Love this maxi skirt from Stitchfix!

And look how cute this maxi skirt is! When I tried it on the first time, I wasn’t sure I could wear it to work, but it looks just as adorable styled for the office as it does for the weekend!

This was my first Stitchfix box that I kept TWO pieces from! I continue to love this service – the stylists truly personalize it for each person. Treat yourself to something from Stitchfix!

Please note that when you click on my link to Stitchfix, I may get a referral credit to use for a future order. I honestly do recommend Stitchfix to everyone to try, otherwise I wouldn’t be writing about it – thanks for your support!

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  1. suezanne westman says:

    I received my 2nd fix and had to send everything back:( BIG sad face!!!! One shirt I loved but to tight in bust. I am wondering if the shirts are for my bust size!!! Will try one more time and see what happens. My first one I got a maxi skirt thought same thing as you when I saw it. Put it on and fell in love wore it today:) Love you maxi..

  2. I wouldn’t have been convinced otherwise on that maxi skirt but seeing it on you – I totally get it! You just look happy wearing it, plus it looks so dang comfy. Great choices :)

  3. That is a fabulous skirt for you! Looks great and so fun!!!

  4. Kristin says:

    Love the maxi skirt, it looks fantastic on you! Also, love love love the scarf. I’m a sucker for scarves, I had to have them not send me any more in my boxes, because I’d buy them all! :)

  5. The maxi skirt was a great choice! I love the side slit!

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  6. I’m dying over that maxi skirt! And by the way, I thought that sheer blouse was an infinity scarf. Can’t wait to see the ACTUAL scarf you kept!

  7. That maxi skirt is so great! (now I’m plotting how to get one just like it!)

  8. That maxi skirt is so awesome on you!!! And I bet it is super comfortable, too. Love it!

  9. That skirt is amazing!! And i’m totally in love with that aztec shirt :)

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