Barre Workout Style

Barre Workout Style

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I’ve talked about my love for BarreAmped before on the blog – and now I wanted to talk about what I wear to class! Is it wrong to care about what you look like when you’re working out? (Do I really want the answer to that question? Obv. not) Call me vain, but I swear my workouts are at least 75% better when I feel good about what I’m wearing. I’m not saying I go in with a full face of makeup and leave class glistening with each hair perfectly in place. Normally, I look like a hot mess who went temporarily insane, and it’s all I can do to slowly stumble out of class as my muscles are still shaking. BarreAmped will do that to you.

But like my sleepwear, I am very picky about what I work out in. If my outfit doesn’t feel right, it’s all I can think about, instead of concentrating on my workout. And good workout clothes are SO comfortable! I hesitate to admit how many of those GapFit tanks I have. (Four. Crap, no, I have five.)

And if you live in an area that doesn’t offer Barre classes, you can always work out from the comfort of your home with a DVD! I bought the BarreAmped DVD for when I can’t go to class and love it. It’s honestly like taking a class, and Suzanne offers lots of modifications for beginners (and tired people like me). She’s encouraging and comforting at the same time on the DVD, which I appreciate.

If you take barre classes, what are your favorite pieces to wear?

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  1. I’m convinced that I only want to workout when I have cute clothes. Which means that I should consistently be buying new clothes so that I’ll workout, right? (Please say yes.)

  2. I have to agree with you on this one! Even though I look HORRIBLE in them, if I don’t work out in my Old Navy compression pants I feel totally off. AND I have to wear obnoxiously bright shoes. It’s weird, but if I don’t my workouts don’t go very well. It’s funny how that kind of thing can psychologically make or break a workout.

  3. I am also obsessed with buying cute workout clothes! I think wearing something cute to barre is especially important, since you are looking at yourself in a huge mirror for most of the time. I don’t care quite as much what I wear when I run outside, since I don’t have to look at myself, but it always has to be comfortable. Workout clothes that don’t stay where they are supposed to are the absolute worst!

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