Outfit of the Day: Loft Jacket Buddies

A Lou & Grey Loft jacket worn on Sarah and me

On me – Loft Lou & Grey herringbone sweatshirt jacket • J. Crew shirt and chinos • Nine West Outlet shoes

I know I talked last week about how AMAZING Loft’s Lou & Grey line is. My BBF (blogger best friend, natch) Sarah agreed, and we both ended up buying the same jacket, amongst other comfy pieces. I like how I’m admiring Sarah’s outfit in the photo above. Of course I am – she always looks cute! (I think I’m also envying her leather leggings.) This jacket is made of sweatshirt material but cut like a blazer – so it means it’s perfect for work. I think I’ll wear it next with a longer top underneath. Honestly, I love how comfy and cozy it is. (Plus it’s 40% off!)

Check out Sarah’s blog for her outfit details – and make sure you add her to your daily reading!

And finally – Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Erin go bragh!

Loft Lou & Grey sweatshirt jacket

Loft Lou & Grey sweatshirt jacket


outfit of the day: lou & grey

A comfy Loft tunic with black jeans

A cozy Loft tunic with black jeans

Loft Lou & Grey cowl neck tunic • Target black jeans • kate spade new york necklace • Target sunglasses • Sam Edelman Petty boots

I talked about this on my Facebook page, but it’s worth being reiterated: Loft’s Lou & Grey line is AMAZING. Comfy clothes that can be dressed up or down (most of which are 40% off) – I am in love. This tunic for instance is lightweight, perfect for changing seasons but still dressy enough for the office. I passed along this obsession to my BBF Sarah, who promptly joined me in buying half the site. I’m trying to resist buying more, because these clothes are seriously all I’ve been craving lately – comfy knits that are a little longer in length and work with statement necklaces as well as they do with jeans.

A cozy Loft tunic with black jeans

Sidenote: when your mom is your photographer, your conversation goes something like this:

“Holy sh–, it’s freezing!”
“Shut up!”
“I’m going to put that you said that on my blog!”

Good times.

ETA: my mom would like it stated on the record that I was the one cursing, and she was the one telling me to shut up. In my defense, it was freezing.

outfit of the day: staying cozy

Winter layers: leopard and red, aka one of my favorite combos

Winter layers: leopard and red, aka one of my favorite combos

Old Navy coat BB Dakota sweater • Land’s End dress Target tights Talbots boots hat knit by me

I totally understand why people migrate (or just move entirely) to Florida/California/Arizona. As much as I love the four seasons and freshly fallen snow and cuddling in my coziest coats and sweaters, I am OVER winter. And this has been one of our worst (and in many places, Indiana’s snowiest on record). So I’m making the most of winter, which has decided to overstay by several weeks, by wearing my favorite cold-weather pieces: cozy sweaters, my leopard jacket and my favorite hand-knit hat. I really do start missing my cozy sweaters… in August. Maybe this year since we’ve had such a crappy winter, I won’t miss them at all.

Keeping cozy in an aztec sweater paired with a red dress

Keeping cozy in an aztec sweater paired with a red dress

P.S. I’m laughing in some of these pics (aka in the one above) because people kept walking by as I was posing. Laughing = way to mitigate embarrassment.

And though I sort of mentioned in my post about my love of romance novels, I wanted to let you know that I may not be posting very much lately. I’m trying to get my first novel written – and will be working on at least two more right after that. Prioritizing is hard, especially when it means giving up some time blogging for other things. I’m so excited about this book – I just know I need to dedicate more time to it than working + blogging will allow.

OY. Priorities. What I really need is more hours in the day!


outfit of the day: spring colors

Spring colors in winter - pink and green

Spring colors in winter - pink and green

Gap sweater • scarf from Cactus Flower in Bloomington • J. Crew No. 2 pencil skirt • Target tights • Sam Edelman Petty boots

Can it be spring please?

My face hurts from the cold every morning I walk out the door. I almost fell on black ice three times this week. I want to burn my tights. And yet we are getting three more inches of snow (at least) tomorrow. Alas, the only way to have spring is through bright colors in my outfits – which is actually fine with me.

And ok, I’m fine with being in cozy clothes for a little bit longer. If only it can stay above freezing.

Spring colors in winter - pink and green

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outfit of the day: aqua in the snow


A comfy blue Aztec cardigan is perfect for snow days.

A comfy blue Aztec cardigan is perfect for snow days.

Sweater from my favorite boutique I just discovered in Bloomington, Piace • Gap tank J. Crew Factory Gigi pants Sorel Joan of Arctic boots hat made by me!

It snowed again.

You’d think I’d be sick of it now. We’ve had what feels like a ton this year. But every time it snows, my town has never looked more beautiful. It’s going to be cold for at least another month (or two), and if it’s cold, we may as well have beautiful snow. Plus it helps being able to snuggle in a new sweater that I got on major sale! Bring on more snow. As long as I don’t get my car stuck in my own driveway again. (Yep, that happened today.)

A comfy blue Aztec cardigan is perfect for snow days.

outfit of the day: red cardigan

A red wrap cardi belted over a tweed ruffled skirt

 A red wrap cardi belted over a tweed ruffled skirt

Talbots sweater, skirt, belt and boots • Alexis Bittar Miss Havisham teardrop earringsStila stay all day liquid lipstick in ‘beso’

It’s an outfit post; I can’t believe it! I have had such a hard time getting my head around a schedule this year as far as blogging goes. I really am going to try to get more consistent because let’s face it, I need a schedule. This sweater is one of the most comfortable ones I’ve gotten in a while. It’s major sale at Talbots in quite a few sizes – I highly recommend treating yourself to one (or two – I also got one in gray!).

A red wrap cardi belted over a tweed ruffled skirt

outfit of the day: orchid

Orchid and green

Orchid and green

J. Crew Tippi sweater • Gap boyfriend gingham shirt (this year’s version) • J. Crew Bennett chinos • Steve Madden leopard loafers (similar) • Stella & Dot Juniper necklace

I have a confession: I’m not a huge fan of the color of the year. (I’m also not a fan of having to take outfit photos indoors because the weather is horribly cold.)

Purple is just not my favorite color. I also think it’s a weird version of purple that doesn’t flatter as many people as it rightly should, being a variant of blue and all. But color politics aside, I do like mixing orchid – or at least this version of orchid – with other colors.

And I also feel like I need to apologize for the lack of outfit photos lately. Our weather has been pretty heinous for the past week. Today we had a wind chill of -45. NEGATIVE 45. That is just WRONG, people. Until winter decides to get over itself, I will be attempting to take pics inside. They’re not as pretty as outdoor pics, but again, NEGATIVE @#$%ing 45.

outfit of the day: neon pink and sorel boots

Neon pink and sorel boots
J. Crew No. 2 wool pencil skirt • Gap sweater • J. Crew belt • hat I knit myself • Sorel Joan of Arctic boots

Finally I got to wear my new snow boots! We got a few more inches of snow, and then the temperature tanked across the country. Maybe your heard about it last week? I spent most of my mornings at work willing myself to take off my boots and change into regular work shoes. They are so warm and cozy, though they are heavy and slightly difficult to take off. Still, I love them. Here’s hoping for more snow this winter – though maybe not more -25 degree days!

Neon pink and sorel boots

Neon pink and sorel boots

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outfit of the day: sparkles in the snow

IMG_1291  IMG_1322


J. Crew peplum top layered over a Gap tee • J. Crew skirt • Talbots scarf • J. Crew belt that is indeed crooked Old Navy tights • Sam Edelman ‘petty’ bootsJ. Crew and Stella & Dot bracelets

You guys, I am in love with this outfit. In. Love. It took me so long to find peplum that worked for me (#bloggerproblems), and there is nothing more satisfying than searching for an item for what feels like forever, and then finally putting an outfit together with that piece and really loving it. I was practically twirling all day. I think I’m a little hard on myself when it comes to outfit perfection. Still, when I love my outfit, it’s automatically a good day.

My mom gave me this scarf for Christmas this year (we celebrated early!), and I thought it would work just as well as an infinity scarf. I used safety pins for now, but I’m thinking about sewing the ends together! What do you think?

Peplum and a J. Crew silk skirt with an inifinity scarf

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outfit of the day: sequins and dots

Gold sequins and silver polka dots

Gold sequins and silver polka dots
J. Crew shirt, blouse and necklace • Ann Taylor cords • Sam Edelman ‘petty’ boots

I love this time of year. Have I said that (much)? Christmas is just so sparkly and bright and fun. And let’s face it, I will take any excuse to wear sequins.

Some people might say you can’t wear gold and silver at the same time. They are wrong. Metallics are neutrals, and neutrals can be worn together. So mix those metallics, you crazy people.

Gold sequins and silver polka dotsLinking up with Mix & Match Fashion!

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