Stitchfix Box #7

Yay it’s Stitchfix time again! Oh how I love coming home to one of these boxes waiting for me. In case you don’t know what Stitchfix is, it’s a wonderful personal stylist service that’s all done online. Once you sign up, you’ll fill out a style survey and schedule a delivery. Your box will cost $20, but you can put that money toward any item you keep – and if you keep all five pieces Stitchfix sends you, you get 25% off everything! This is a PERFECT service for people who hate to shop or are crunched for time – or if you’re like me and you just want to change up your wardrobe!

Here’s what was in my box this time!

Pomelo jacket from Stitchfix

Pomelo Julia utility jacket, $78

While I love the style, I was not in love with the color for the jacket. Also, the idea of buying a jacket in the summer makes me almost immediately start sweating.

Collective Concepts blouse from Stitchfix

Collective Concepts Wintor leopard print cross-front blouse, $64

This blouse was completely see-through, and even though the bottom hem was elastic, it was oddly tight. Definitely not my style!

41Hawthorn blouse from Stitchfix

41Hawthorn Ivy abstract print tab-sleeve blouse, $68

I absolutely loved the colors in this blouse’s print. It was a definite keeper – and then I saw a tiny stain on the front. Sadface.

Mystree skirt from Stitchfix

Mystree Charlie mixed stripe maxi skirt, $68

I thought for sure I’d never keep this skirt – until I tried it on, of course. It’s SO comfy and makes me feel SO good. Any piece of clothing that makes you smile and feel better about yourself when you’re wearing it is an automatic buy.

Echo scarf from Stitchfix

Echo Melrose multi-colored scallop print scarf, $28

I really wasn’t going to keep this scarf, but the bright colors tempted me too much. I am not a girl who can say no to neon.

Love this maxi skirt from Stitchfix!

Love this maxi skirt from Stitchfix!

And look how cute this maxi skirt is! When I tried it on the first time, I wasn’t sure I could wear it to work, but it looks just as adorable styled for the office as it does for the weekend!

This was my first Stitchfix box that I kept TWO pieces from! I continue to love this service – the stylists truly personalize it for each person. Treat yourself to something from Stitchfix!

Please note that when you click on my link to Stitchfix, I may get a referral credit to use for a future order. I honestly do recommend Stitchfix to everyone to try, otherwise I wouldn’t be writing about it – thanks for your support!

Outfit of the Day: Maxi Love

I love a good maxi dress made work-appropriate with a lightweight cardi.

I love a good maxi dress made work-appropriate with a lightweight cardi.

Target Merona knit maxi dress • J. Crew lightweight cardigan Enzo Angiolini sandals

Hey I’m back to blogging! Remember I told you guys I was in love with maxi dresses? Well, I’ve fallen even harder. This maxi from Target is SO comfortable and affordable and flattering that I may have bought the black-and-white striped version and a plain black one. (Hey, when you find something you love, you have  to have it in multiple colors, right? RIGHT?!)

Maxi dresses are absolutely perfect for the summertime – cool enough for hot days and warm enough for over-air-conditioned offices. I plan on pairing this dress with a blazer when it cools off a little (seems like that will be SO far away). Any other ideas for dressing up this outfit?

Also, serious face alert:

I love a good maxi dress made work-appropriate with a lightweight cardi.

Outfit of the Day: The Best Work Dress

Land's End shift dress with colorful pumps

Land's End shift dress with colorful pumps

Land’s End sleeveless ponte welt pocket dress • Ann Taylor perfect pumps • bracelets from Stella & Dot, Alex and Ami and Tiffanys

I know you might think that’s a pretty bold statement, but hear me out – this Land’s End ponte dress is the best work dress you’ll own.

The material is thick enough to not wrinkle, but thin enough so that you won’t be overheated on a hot summer day. The dress comes with pockets (!) and looks as polished with a belt as without. Add a blazer or cardi for slightly cooler spring days, and by the time fall and winter roll around, pair the dress with tights and boots. It’s an all-year dress that looks perfect with a cute pair of heels. This is the dress for those mornings when you have no time to pick out your outfit – I love just putting on one piece, and I’m ready to go. This dress is also available in solid colors (I’m coveting the navy!) and is truly a perfect addition to any work wardrobe (but would even be cute at a shower or afternoon wedding!).

I swear Land’s End isn’t paying me to say these things! I just really love this dress (thank you, Mom!) and wanted to pass along my love for it to all of you!

Land's End shift dress with colorful pumps

An Update on My Plan to Get Healthy

Dogs always help when you're working out.

About a month ago, I wrote a post about my promise to eat healthy and count calories. I wanted to update you on that and let you know how I’ve done so far.

Since tracking my food and working out at least twice a week, I’ve lost … 4.6 pounds.

I mean, I knew the weight wasn’t going to fall off (and I also realize it’s unhealthy to lose a bunch of weight really quickly), but I have to admit I’m majorly disappointed that it’s such a slow process. Plus I had two weeks where I didn’t lose any weight, which is so disheartening. For some reason, I remember losing weight quicker the last time. I know 4.6 pounds in a month is still great, and I know it’s a process for a reason, but I can’t help wishing it would all go away quicker.

I’m actually considering going back on Weight Watchers. It’s a program that’s worked well for me in the past, and I know it will work again. My Fitness Pal seems like a great way to be aware of how much you’re eating – but I still occasionally go to bed hungry at night, something that didn’t happen with Weight Watchers once my body adjusted to it.

One thing that has improved is how much I’ve been working out. I’m taking two BarreAmped classes a week, and am even starting to throw a yoga class in with that! It’s been wonderful to get stronger, even as much as I hate holding yet another plank. (I do wish Horatio could join me in classes – that’s him in the photo hogging my mat as I do a Barre workout at home!)

Thanks for your encouragement – and I’d love to know if you have any tips or advice!

Outfit of the Day: Maxi Dresses OMG

Make a maxi dress work appropriate by adding a cardigan and cute bag  Make a maxi dress work appropriate by adding a cardigan and cute bag

Sonoma maxi dress from Kohl’s • kate spade new york cobble hill small leslie bag • J. Crew cardigan (similar) • Talbots sandals

Sorry for stepping away from blogging for (almost) two weeks! I’m still working on my first novel and then had a lovely and relaxing Memorial Day weekend – exactly the rest I needed to get rejuvenated for blogging.

And another thing I needed – a cute outfit! I didn’t own a single maxi dress until last September when I was going to an outdoor wedding, and the weather was predicted to be unseasonably cool. This dress made the perfect wedding outfit – and I’m thrilled that it worked for the office just as well. Why have I not been wearing maxi dresses all my life?! They are kind of amazing and insanely comfortable. I may have bought two more at Target this weekend.

And yeah, I did get sucked into the Kate Spade surprise sale last week and treated myself to this bag. It happens.

Make a maxi dress work appropriate by adding a cardigan and cute bag


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Outfit of the Day: Flowers

 A J. Crew Jackie cardigan with a floral dress

Target dress • J. Crew Jackie cardigan • Ralph Lauren sandals • Sunglasses from Amazon

I’ve waited seven months to wear this dress.

I bought it last year at Target on after-season sale for $7. It’s so adorable – and it has POCKETS (which I’ve decided every dress should have)! Plus, did I mention it cost $7?! I am definitely not one for bargain hunting, but even I can appreciate the amazing deal that is a $7 dress with pockets no less.

A J. Crew Jackie cardigan with a floral dress

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Fabulous One-Piece Swimsuits

one pieces

KAMALIKULTURE shirred mio swimsuitLa Blanca ruched bandeau one-pieceLa Blanca santorini one-piece swimsuitJ. Crew tortoise print bandeau tankJ. Crew photo floral underwire tank Profile by Gottex bandeau D-cup one-piece swimsuit

I fell in love last summer – with one-piece swimsuits.

I was at my second-favorite place in the world, Sanibel Island, with my family and four bikinis, feeling a little uncomfortable with my body. Then I remembered I had packed a brand new one-piece swimsuit from J. Crew that I managed to score for $25. I hadn’t worn a one-piece in YEARS – but I decided to try wearing that one for the day.

The result? I LOVED it. And more importantly, I loved myself in it! When my mom and sister-in-law and I went shopping later that afternoon, I shelled out for another bright red one-piece at the swimsuit store on the island and wore that to the beach the next day. I haven’t felt confident at the beach since before I knew what it meant to be confident, and that day I strutted my stuff in my red swimsuit, feeling more fabulous than I thought possible.

I felt amazing on the beach, something I seriously thought would never happen. Sadly, it’s almost a universal truth for people women (myself included) to not always feel best in a swimsuit. We’re literally exposed, our bodies basically out for everyone to see. It’s an uncomfortable feeling for even the most confident of us. I honestly thought of one-pieces as frumpy and unflattering, and I found them to be the exact opposite. If you’re dreading shopping for a swimsuit this summer, why not try a one-piece? I promise you’ll look (and feel) fabulous.

Outfit of the Day: Punk Floral

J. Crew punk floral with a yellow blazer and neon pink heels

J. Crew punk floral with a yellow blazer and neon pink heels

J. Crew punk floral blouse (similar at J. Crew Factory) • J. Crew schoolboy blazer (similar) • Target black jeans J. Crew Factory heels (similar) • J. Crew classic link bracelet

I love this print. I usually try to wait until J. Crew puts their brand new pieces on sale, but when the punk floral clothes went online, I immediately bought this blouse – and I’m so glad I did. It’s surprisingly versatile and goes with so much. And J. Crew has been great in bringing back successful prints, because this blouse is for sale at J. Crew Factory now! They also have this super cute skirt, and I am thinking about getting these pants. Ah, bold patterns. I love them so much.

Thank you Mom for taking my photos! (But this is why I hold my hands the way I do – see how weird my fingers look!)

J. Crew punk floral with a yellow blazer and neon pink heels

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Hairstyles for Thin Hair: the French Braid Updo

I get really frustrated when a lot of the cute hairstyle ideas on Pinterest just do not work on my thin hair. My hair is long, naturally straight and thicker at the roots but super thin at the ends – meaning a lot of the top knots and braids will not work without a hell of a lot of teasing. So I thought I’d start a series featuring hairstyles for thin hair. Up first, the French Braid Updo, a summer favorite of mine when I want to look cute despite the temperature being 90. This style can be dressed up or down – I love pairing it with a simple t-shirt.

This look will also work on girls with thicker hair – actually, it will probably look better – but girls with thin hair will look super cute too!

  1. Hairstyles for Thin Hair: the French Braid UpdoStart with French braids. I like mine a little tighter at the bottom, but if yours are messy, that’s ok too.
  2. Grab one braid, and wrap it over the other.
  3. Fold the braid in half, and tuck the end under the higher part of the braid with a bobby pin.
  4. Grab the other braid and do the same thing: pull it over the first braid.
  5. Tuck the bottom half of the second braid under the top half.
  6. Now look how cute you are! Strike an adorable pose!

Pay no attention to my …erm, chore clothes. I literally decided to do this blog post on a whim while surfing the net in between loads of laundry (as you do).

Counting Calories and Getting Healthy

I was running late for work last week doing my usual “I don’t know what to wear today!” dance in my closet when I remembered a pair of pants I had hanging up in my laundry room. I ran downstairs, frantically seeing that I had exactly 10 minutes to dash out the door. I grabbed the pants and pulled them on – only to find out they were too tight.

It’s been a reoccurring theme for me this spring, and I’ve had enough. It’s time for me to get back on the healthy eating train.

I’ve still been going to BarreAmped class at least once a week and now that the weather is finally better, I’ve been walking more, but it’s really true – you can’t exercise your way out of a bad diet. At least I can’t.

BarreAmped has been a big part of my journey to health.

I’ve been thinking more about being healthy versus being happy with myself, especially after reading BBF Sarah’s fabulous blog post on this topic. But I think I do need to take better care of myself. So as of last Friday, I’m officially limiting what I’m eating. While I’ve done Weight Watchers in the past (and had success with it), I decided to just count calories right now. I’m using MyFitnessPal to do that, and so far I really like it.

And I’m actually trying to cook more, as much as it might suck cooking for one. One of my favorite foodie websites is Skinnytaste – diet or no, it’s been one of my favorite sources of recipes for years now, and I am so excited for her recipe book coming out soon! Her Green Monster Smoothie is my go-to breakfast or after-lunch snack – I am obsessed! I’m also trying to eat more veggies – this was last night’s dinner.

Yummy green beans and onions

As I look forward to becoming more healthy with my eating habits, one of the best ways to ensure success is to identify my weak spots. I don’t drink soda or eat very much red meat, but I am a huge late-night snacker, and I crave sugar after dinner. Finding healthy workarounds (like hard-boiled eggs or mango sorbet) is going to be key for me. I also think it’s SO much easier to eat better when it’s nice out – the food is fresher, and I’m more likely to be outside than laying on my couch, dreaming of nachos.

The only reason I’m writing this post is to hold myself accountable to all of you. If you have been down this road before and have tips for me, I’d love to hear them!

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